“Medicare is Better Than Ever” Tour Stop in Madison: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Regional Administrator Highlights Protect Our Care

Medicare is Better Than Ever Tour Arrives in Madison

Medicare is Better Than Ever Tour Arrives in Madison

Cost-Saving Benefits for Seniors in Wisconsin

This morning, Protect Our Care’s “Medicare is Better Than Ever” tour arrived in Madison to inform seniors about the cost-saving benefits they can now enjoy under the Inflation Reduction Act. This law, signed by President Biden last year, has introduced new cost-saving measures for seniors enrolling in their 2024 Medicare plans. Seniors in Wisconsin can potentially save thousands of dollars on their prescription drug costs, with even more savings in the future.

Lowering Costs for Seniors in Wisconsin

During today’s event, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Regional Administrator Michael Cabonargi, Kristi Martin, Senior Advisor to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, and AARP Wisconsin State President Leslie Spencer-Herrera emphasized the importance of reducing costs for seniors in Wisconsin who are on Medicare.

Personal Story: The Impact of High Prescription Drug Costs

AARP Wisconsin State President Leslie Spencer-Herrera shared a personal story about her mother’s struggle with high prescription drug costs. Despite living on a minimal social security payment, her mother could not afford the shingles vaccine, which she desperately needed. This highlights the financial burden that many seniors face when it comes to accessing necessary medications.

Lowering Prescription Drug Prices

The Biden-Harris administration is working towards lowering prescription drug prices through the Medicare drug price negotiation program. Starting in 2026, the prices of the first 10 selected drugs will be negotiated. These drugs are commonly used by nearly 9 million Medicare beneficiaries, who collectively spent $3.4 billion in out-of-pocket costs last year. The program aims to reduce prices for high-cost prescription drugs used to treat conditions such as diabetes, heart failure, blood clots, and autoimmune disorders. This means that over 150,000 Wisconsinites who take these medications will benefit from lower prices. Additionally, the shingles vaccine is now included as a free option, benefiting 958,000 Wisconsin seniors.

Delivering Savings to Seniors

Protect Our Care Wisconsin lead Joe Zepecki emphasized the importance of the Inflation Reduction Act in delivering savings to seniors. This act puts Medicare back in control by ensuring that big drug companies cannot charge exorbitant prices for lifesaving medications. Seniors will no longer have to resort to cutting pills or skipping doses due to high costs.

Continuing the Tour

The “Medicare is Better Than Ever” tour will continue in Milwaukee, where more discussions will take place regarding the Inflation Reduction Act‘s cost-saving benefits. Over the course of three weeks, Protect Our Care will travel to multiple states, making several stops, and covering over 7,000 miles to educate seniors about these benefits.

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