Merci Dupre Clothiers Unveils Enviroware Collection During Los Angeles Fashion Week

### Unveiling of Merci Dupre Clothiers Enviroware Collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week

#### Introduction

Los Angeles Fashion Week is known for its diverse range of events and shows, featuring everything from PETA campaigns to upcycled collections. However, one fashion show that has garnered attention for its sustainability efforts is the launch of the new Merci Dupre Clothiers Enviroware Collection. The collection was unveiled yesterday at The Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, standing out from the rest with its exclusive use of high-end cotton, hemp, silk, and linen materials.

#### A Fashion Engineer’s Vision

Merci Dupre Clothiers founder, Dr. Christina Rahm, describes herself as a fashion engineer rather than just a fashion designer. The Enviroware Collection is not just about style, but also about protective clothing that prioritizes health and wellness. The collection features a variety of pieces, including silk dresses, bunched waist skirts, black tulle skirts, black dresses with spaghetti straps, organic cotton shirts, and capes.

#### Extravagant and Upcycled Designs

The launch of the Enviroware Collection was introduced by Karen Floyd of Elysian, highlighting the extravagant and upcycled denim pieces, transparent tulle pieces paired with big hats, and 1980s-inspired ripped jeans paired with jackets and crop tops. Dr. Rahm aimed to create a collection that women can wear every day, providing them with affordable basics that are both stylish and sustainable.

#### Embracing Sustainability

Over the past year, Dr. Rahm has worked with various types of cotton and hemp to build this collection. Many of the fabrics were sourced in Milan, and a significant portion of the collection is created from deadstock, upcycled, and sustainable materials. Dr. Rahm acknowledges the impact of pollution on the fashion and textile industry and emphasizes the importance of sustainability. She believes that sustainability is a continuous effort that requires collective work.

#### The Podcast that Sparked a Fashion Brand

The Enviroware Collection’s showcase was presented by Elysian, ROOT, and DRC Ventures. It all started with Dr. Rahm’s podcast, “Under The Red Chandelier,” where she interviews creative leaders in fashion, creativity, and the arts. Inspired by these conversations, she aimed to educate women on protecting their skin from toxins, bacteria, pollution, and UV rays through her fashion brand.

#### Super Skin Coating: A Breakthrough Technology

Dr. Rahm claims to have pioneered a breakthrough technology called Super Skin Coating, which acts as a defense against environmental toxins. The fabric undergoes a 96-hour process where it is soaked with a special natural coating. This coating protects against viruses, bacteria, fungus, and pollution. Natural elements like aloe vera and vitamin C are used to create clothing that provides ultimate protection.

#### Spreading the Message and Empowering Women

Dr. Rahm’s mission extends beyond her own fashion brand. She is currently working on developing her Super Skin Coating for other fashion brands to use, emphasizing the importance of protecting both our planet and our bodies from toxins. With upcoming runway shows in Saudi Arabia and India, Dr. Rahm aims to spread her message and empower women through her brand. She believes that as women, we can come out stronger by working together and using innovation to overcome challenges.

In conclusion, the unveiling of the Merci Dupre Clothiers Enviroware Collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week showcases the brand’s commitment to sustainability and health. Dr. Rahm’s innovative approach to fashion engineering and her Super Skin Coating technology set her collection apart. Through her brand, she not only aims to provide stylish and affordable basics but also educate women on the importance of protecting their bodies from toxins. As the fashion industry continues to prioritize sustainability, Dr. Rahm’s collection serves as a testament to the potential for innovation and collaboration in creating a more environmentally conscious future.

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