Mia Shem’s Family Pleads for Her Release Following Hamas Hostage Video

Reimagining the Story of Mia Shem

Reimagining the Story of Mia Shem

Mia Shem’s Mother Sees Her Daughter in a Hostage Video

Keren Shem received her first glimpse of her missing daughter, Mia Shem, in a hostage video released by Hamas. It was the first time the public saw any of the roughly 200 hostages held by the militants in the Gaza Strip. Keren screamed and fell to the floor upon seeing Mia’s face on TV. She felt a mix of emotions – relief at her daughter’s survival, fear for her safety, and uncertainty about her condition.

Mia’s Identity Confirmed by Her Family

Keren Shem, accompanied by Mia’s brothers, pleaded for the safe return of her daughter. The family confirmed Mia’s identity, holding a photo of her at a news conference. Their names have been transliterated as both Shem and Schem, but they used the former spelling on place cards during the event.

International Concerns and Calls for Release

As Israel contemplates a potentially lethal ground invasion of Gaza and President Biden plans to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the video and the confirmation of Mia’s identity have garnered global attention. With over 1,400 deaths and more than 4,120 injuries in Israel, along with roughly 3,000 deaths and over 12,500 wounded in Gaza, the United Nations has called for the release of all prisoners. Hostage-taking is in violation of international law.

The Plea for Mia’s Release

French President Emmanuel Macron condemned the video and demanded Mia Shem’s immediate and unconditional release. The White House spokesperson, John Kirby, believes that the video was coerced propaganda rather than genuine proof of life. The Washington Post could not independently verify the video’s authenticity or Mia’s current condition.

Mia’s Plea for Help

In the video, Mia Shem can be seen receiving treatment for an arm injury. Speaking in Hebrew, she reveals that she is in Gaza and underwent a three-hour medical procedure there. Desperate to return home, she pleads for her release.

A Mother’s Anguish

Mia Shem was kidnapped during a music festival in southern Israel that turned into a horrific massacre. Her mother, Keren Shem, has been living in a constant state of worry since that day. Mia’s love for cooking and bringing joy to her loved ones is only a small glimpse into the life she desires to reclaim.

The IDF’s Response

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) informed the Shem family about Mia’s abduction following the kidnapping. In response to the video released by Hamas, the IDF highlighted the organization’s heinous acts of terrorism, including the murder and abduction of innocent people.

A Mother’s Hope for Her Daughter’s Safe Return

When asked about her concerns regarding Israel’s planned ground invasion of Gaza, Keren Shem chose to focus on her daughter. She called upon world leaders to ensure the safe return of all hostages, providing them with the necessary medical care. Her only request is to have her baby back in the same condition she saw her on TV.

Noga Tarnopolsky contributed to this report.

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