Minneapolis police arrest multiple individuals following fireworks mayhem in Dinkytown

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Arrests Made in Dinkytown Chaos

On a chaotic evening in Dinkytown, dozens of individuals were arrested amidst a scene where fireworks were set off recklessly in the streets. The Minneapolis Police Chief, Brian O’Hara, confirmed that no serious injuries were reported.



Witnesses, like Emily Schoon from Mesa Pizza, expressed shock at the events that unfolded. Chief O’Hara highlighted the need for a different response this year to curb such behavior.

Law Enforcement Response

Over 200 additional officers from various agencies were deployed to address the chaotic situation in Dinkytown. The involvement of multiple law enforcement units aimed to maintain peace in the area.

Erin Brumm, a member of the Campus Safety Coalition, emphasized the need for stricter laws and prosecution of individuals involved in such disruptive activities.

Arrests and Citations

Minneapolis police reported making thirty arrests and issuing five citations during the incident. The individuals arrested ranged from juveniles to adults, with a significant number coming from outside the city.



Enforcement and Future Measures

Chief O’Hara announced that charges of rioting and assault would be pursued against those responsible. Continuous park closures and heightened police presence are expected to deter future disruptive events in the area.

Prior to the Fourth of July celebrations, O’Hara stressed the importance of ensuring public safety and taking swift action against any threats to the community.

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