Mixed Reactions Greet Argentine Election Victor Milei on Global Scale

Argentina’s Libertarian President-Elect Javier Milei Sparks Global Reaction

Argentina’s Libertarian President-Elect Javier Milei Sparks Global Reaction

Argentina’s Political Landscape Transformed

The victory of Argentina’s newly elected President, Javier Milei, has caused a stir around the world. As a self-described anarcho-capitalist, Milei tapped into the frustration of voters over the country’s deep economic crisis and years of dysfunction to secure a double-digit win in the recent runoff vote. This outcome marks a significant shift away from the center-left Peronist government of outgoing President Alberto Fernandez, and Argentina is poised for a new direction under Milei’s leadership.

Support and Opposition from Latin American Leaders

The reactions from Latin American leaders to Milei’s victory have been mixed. Mexico’s leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador expressed his respect for the voters’ decision but questioned the potential impact of Milei’s win on Argentina’s problems. He likened the unexpected outcome to an “own goal” in soccer. Bolivia’s former leftist President Evo Morales, a close ally of past Peronist governments, took to social media to denounce fascism, ultra-conservatism, and neoliberalism, indicating his opposition to Milei’s ideology.

On the other hand, Chilean President Gabriel Boric and Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva extended their best wishes to Milei, despite his previous criticism of Lula. President Lula stated, “Democracy is the voice of the people, and it must always be respected,” while also indicating that an apology from Milei would be necessary before any potential conversations could take place.

The leaders of Venezuela and Colombia expressed their disappointment with the election results, with Colombian President Gustavo Petro describing it as “sad for Latin America.” Nonetheless, Milei received diplomatic congratulations from Russian President Vladimir Putin, who emphasized the importance of judging the new leader based on his post-inauguration statements. China’s foreign ministry spokesperson expressed readiness to maintain stable relations with Argentina despite Milei’s critical comments made during the campaign.

International Populist Support

Milei has garnered enthusiastic support from right-wing populists worldwide. Former U.S. President Donald Trump encouraged Milei to “make Argentina great again” in a video message. Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who narrowly lost to Lula, also expressed his excitement for Milei’s victory, stating that the new president has a significant task ahead that extends beyond Argentina’s borders. The far-right leaders of Spain’s Vox party and Chile’s right-wing opposition leader José Antonio Kast also congratulated Milei, emphasizing his resounding success.


The election of Javier Milei as Argentina’s libertarian president-elect has sparked diverse reactions internationally. With a transformation of Argentina’s political landscape, Milei’s victory represents a departure from the previous center-left government. While Milei faces opposition from some Latin American leftists, he has gained support from right-wing populists globally. The world awaits the implementation of Milei’s vision and the impact it will have on Argentina’s future.

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