Mother of two reveals transformation secrets after shedding her old physique to become muscular at 51

### Mum Ditches “Old Lady Body” to Become Super Fit at 51

Billie Steele, a mother of two from New South Wales, Australia, went through a remarkable fitness transformation at the age of 51. Billie had struggled with her weight after her second child, reaching 13st 5lbs and a size 16. Despite managing to lose the weight initially, she found herself gaining it back in her late forties, reaching 12st 9lbs and a size 14.

### Overcoming Challenges and Transformation

Billie battled with depression, drinking, and poor diet choices for three years before realizing the impact her health could have on her children. Motivated to make a change, she hit the gym, revamped her diet, and completely turned her life around. She described feeling physically stronger and better in every way compared to her previous self.

### The Journey to Fitness

Billie worked hard to lose 4st 7lbs after gaining weight following the birth of her son. However, as she entered perimenopause around age 48, she found herself struggling with weight gain once again. The toll it took on her mental health led her to spend time in rehab for depression, where she isolated herself from loved ones.

### Making Lifestyle Changes

Realizing the need for change, Billie revamped her diet, focusing on cooking meals from scratch at home and avoiding alcohol. She also engaged in regular exercise, going to the gym four days a week for resistance training, running three days a week, and walking 10,000 steps daily. These lifestyle changes led Billie to shed excess weight, reaching a slender 9st 2lbs and size eight.

### Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Billie now feels stronger and happier than ever, emphasizing the importance of long-term commitment to healthier living. She follows tips from the NHS, such as getting active for 150 minutes a week, aiming for 5 A Day of fruits and vegetables, and gradually losing weight at a safe pace. By sharing her weight loss journey, Billie inspires others to prioritize their health and well-being.

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