NBC Chicago reports Pritzker caught on hot mic discussing Biden’s position in election

Illinois Governor Supports President Biden Amidst Controversy

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker has publicly expressed his support for President Joe Biden amidst questions surrounding the president’s age and performance in a recent debate. Pritzker made these comments during an event focused on violence prevention strategies, where he acknowledged concerns about ongoing discussions regarding Biden’s status as the Democratic candidate.

Spokeswoman Confirms Governor’s Comments

A spokeswoman for the governor confirmed that Pritzker was indeed referring to the presidential race and the debate over Biden’s candidacy. Despite the controversy, Pritzker has remained steadfast in his support for Biden, emphasizing that Biden is the Democratic nominee and that he is fully behind him.

Democrats Call for Change

Several Democrats, including Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley, have called for Biden to step aside and allow another candidate to run for the White House following his criticized debate performance. Quigley expressed concerns about the time crunch leading up to the Democratic National Convention and the need for a change in leadership.

Biden’s Campaign Continues Amidst Questions

Despite the calls for change, Biden’s campaign has been actively scheduling events and fundraising calls. White House officials have also shown their support for Biden, emphasizing his focus on working for the American people and building a strong record of accomplishments with congressional members.

Governor Pritzker Stands Firm

When asked about potential scenarios if Biden were to step down, Governor Pritzker reiterated his unwavering support for Biden and his belief that Biden will be the Democratic nominee. Pritzker has been actively participating in efforts to garner support for Biden across the country, emphasizing Biden’s track record and ability to defeat former President Trump.

Increasing National Profile

While supporting Biden, Governor Pritzker has also been increasing his national profile by attending Democratic gatherings in neighboring states. Pritzker highlighted the importance of the message being delivered rather than who is delivering it, dismissing suggestions of a brokered convention when Democrats convene in Chicago.

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