New Book Reveals Trump’s Fascination with Unfounded Theory of Presidential Reinstatement

Reimagining an Article on Trump’s Election Denial

Trump’s Election Denial: A Story of Conspiracy Theories and Belief in Reinstatement


Former President Donald Trump, despite losing the 2020 election, became fixated on a fringe conspiracy theory that he could be reinstated as president before the next election, as revealed in a new book by ABC’s “This Week” co-anchor Jonathan Karl.

Trump’s Grievances and Fixation

Trump has long aired his grievances over the last presidential election, repeatedly claiming it was “stolen”. However, Karl’s book, “Tired of Winning: Donald Trump and the End of the Grand Old Party,” discloses that Trump’s fixation went beyond these claims and he actually believed he could replace President Joe Biden.

The Role of Michael Lindell

MyPillow CEO Michael Lindell supported the baseless theory of Trump’s reinstatement. Lindell claimed that Trump would move back into the White House on a specific date, promising to reveal supposed evidence of mass vote-flipping by Chinese hackers during a symposium he hosted. However, this evidence did not exist, despite Trump’s captivation by the idea.

Trump’s Ongoing Belief

In June 2021, Trump released a statement with the phrase “2024 or before!” at the end, hinting at the possibility of his reinstatement. When questioned about it, Trump refused to elaborate. Jonathan Karl discovered that Trump discussed this notion frequently in private, causing concern among some of his advisers.

Jenna Ellis Disputes the Idea

Even former Trump campaign lawyer Jenna Ellis, who publicly supported election fraud claims, refuted the idea of Trump’s reinstatement. She tweeted that the Constitution only provides for removal through Impeachment and conviction, making reinstatement impossible.

Mo Brooks’ Change of Heart

Former Rep. Mo Brooks, known for challenging the certification of Biden’s victory, initially had Trump’s endorsement for the 2022 Alabama Senate Republican primary. However, Brooks later urged Trump supporters to move past the election fraud claims, leading to Trump’s withdrawal of his endorsement.

Trump’s Unrealistic Belief

Months after Brooks advised moving on from the election fraud claims, Trump called him with demands related to the election. Among these demands was a request for Brooks to publicly state that Trump should be reinstated. Brooks refused, causing Trump to retaliate by rescinding his endorsement.


While the book “Tired of Winning” by Jonathan Karl provides an inside look into Trump’s belief in reinstatement, it is clear that this theory was unsupported by law and constitutionally unfeasible. The book exposes the extent to which Trump was consumed by this baseless notion, leading to strained relationships with his allies.

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