New Poll Discovers Trump’s Lead over Biden in Almost Every Battleground State

President Biden Trails Trump in Key Battleground States

President Biden Trails Trump in Key Battleground States

New polls conducted by The New York Times and Siena College reveal that President Biden is facing challenges in key battleground states leading up to the 2024 election. The polls indicate that Biden is trailing Donald J. Trump in five out of six crucial states, with concerns over his age and dissatisfaction with his handling of the economy and other issues.

Trump Leading in Key States

In Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, Biden is behind Trump by margins ranging from four to 10 percentage points among registered voters. Only in Wisconsin does Biden maintain a two percentage point lead.

Fraying Coalition

The polls also highlight a fraying coalition that elected Biden, with demographic groups that strongly supported him in 2020 now being closely contested. Two-thirds of the electorate believe that the country is moving in the wrong direction, leading to a decline in support for Biden among voters under 30, Hispanic voters, and urban areas.

Trump’s Advantage

Trump holds a significant lead in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, with a 10-point lead in Nevada being the largest. Biden only maintains a 2-point lead in Wisconsin, the only state where he is ahead. This puts Trump in a favorable position to win more than 300 Electoral College votes if the poll results hold true in the next election.

Economic Concerns

Concerns about the economy play a significant role in Biden’s challenges. A majority of voters trust Trump more than Biden on economic matters, with a 60 percent to 32 percent lead in favor of Trump among voters whose vote will be determined by economic issues.

Age and Mental Acuity

Biden’s age is also a liability, with 71 percent of voters considering him “too old” to be an effective president. This sentiment is shared across all demographic and geographic groups, including 54 percent of Biden’s own supporters. In contrast, only 19 percent of Trump supporters view him as too old.

Vulnerabilities Across Issues

Biden faces vulnerabilities across a range of issues. Poll respondents preferred Trump over Biden on immigration, national security, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Despite majority support for more aid to Ukraine, Biden’s handling of foreign affairs is questioned.

Looking Ahead

Despite these challenges, Biden still has time to turn the situation around. His well-funded campaign aims to address his weak spots and appeal to voters. However, the polls indicate that Biden begins the next year at a deficit, which could impact the outcome of the 2024 election.

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