Norcross factory set to reopen as solar cell manufacturer

Suniva Solar Cell Plant to Restart Production | Atlanta News First

Suniva Solar Cell Plant to Restart Production

NORCROSS, Ga. (Atlanta News First) – The Future of Solar

After six years of inactivity, Norcross-based Suniva is ready to bring new life to its solar cell plant. Suniva President and CEO, Matt Card, announced that the factory will resume operations in the spring of 2024. With this development, Georgia will once again be home to the largest solar cell manufacturing facility in the United States.

The Brains Behind Solar Energy

Suniva specializes in the production of solar cells, which are the essential components of solar panels. Just as an Intel chip powers your computer, these solar cells serve as the brains of a solar module. The company’s cutting-edge technology was originally licensed from Georgia Tech in 2007, and since then, Suniva solar cells have made their way across the globe, from Australia and India to Europe and even the roof of the White House!

Rebirth After Bankruptcy

Despite facing tough competition from cheaper panels imported from China, Suniva filed for bankruptcy in 2017, becoming the last of 35 US solar manufacturers to do so. However, thanks to various factors, the company is now ready to make a comeback. tax credits on American-made solar panels, provided by the Inflation Reduction Act, have played a significant role in this revival. Additionally, the support of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Senator Jon Ossoff, who championed the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America bill, has been instrumental in Suniva’s resurgence.

Renovation and Expansion

Suniva is currently undergoing a complete renovation of its facility, upgrading its infrastructure to meet the demands of modern solar cell production. The factory, which is under construction, is expected to produce approximately 130 million solar cells annually. This output equates to one gigawatt of power, enough to supply around 750,000 homes with electricity each year. Moreover, the reopening of the plant will create a minimum of 240 job opportunities.

Join the Solar Revolution

If you are interested in being part of Suniva’s exciting new chapter, career opportunities are available. Simply email your application to Don’t miss the chance to contribute to the future of renewable energy!

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