NPR: Alex Jones to be held accountable for debts to Sandy Hook families

Infowars’ Alex Jones Faces Financial Reckoning in Defamation Trial

Infowars founder Alex Jones is on the brink of a major legal setback in his 2022 defamation trial, with a federal bankruptcy judge in Texas likely to order the liquidation of his personal assets to pay nearly $1.5 billion in damages to the Sandy Hook families. This includes the possible shutdown of Jones’ influential Infowars show and website, along with the auctioning off of his personal belongings to the highest bidder.

One of the attorneys representing the families, Avi Moshenberg, described the potential liquidation as a significant victory, signaling that Jones will finally face consequences for his actions. However, the families may only recover a fraction of the owed amount, and bankruptcy might not completely silence Jones, as some had hoped.

Jones’ Behavior Raises Concerns

A court-appointed trustee for Jones’ media company expressed concerns about his recent erratic and unhinged behavior, which could impact the value of his estate and the payout for the families. The trustee urged the judge to convert Jones’ company to a Chapter 7 liquidation to address these issues.

Sandy Hook Families Seek Justice

Twenty families, who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting, filed defamation lawsuits against Jones for spreading false claims about the tragedy. They endured years of harassment and threats from Jones’ followers, prompting legal action to hold him accountable for his actions.

Jones’ Lavish Spending Amid Bankruptcy

Court filings revealed that Jones has continued to spend extravagantly while in bankruptcy, despite dwindling assets. His assets, once valued in the millions, have reduced significantly, leaving little for the families to recover after liquidation.

Concerns Over Jones’ Financial Maneuvers

The families suspect Jones of hiding assets through questionable debt claims and shell companies, raising concerns about his future financial dealings. They fear he may attempt to evade his obligations and restart his operations under a different guise, complicating efforts to seek justice.

While Chapter 7 liquidation may not wipe out Jones’ debts entirely, the judge’s ruling ensures that he will be closely monitored for any attempts to evade his financial responsibilities in the future. Despite potential challenges, the families remain determined to hold Jones accountable for his actions.

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