Ongoing Battle between Israel and Hamas Persists as Gaza Evacuations Proceed

The Untold Truth: Addressing the Root Causes of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Unveiling the Genocide Allegation

In a recent interview with CNN, a former United Nations human rights official who resigned over its policy towards Israel and its military operations in Gaza made a startling claim. According to Craig Mokhiber, the “root causes of the problem” have not been properly addressed, and he went as far as to allege that Israel is carrying out a “genocide”. Mokhiber, a former director at the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, emphasized that the international community has used the idea of a two-state solution as an excuse to avoid tackling the underlying issues.

A Glaring Lack of Hope for a Palestinian State

Mokhiber argued that there is no longer any hope for a sustainable Palestinian state and that an Israeli government reverting to the 1967 borders is simply unrealistic. He expressed his frustration with the broken promise of a two-state solution, which he claimed serves as a smokescreen for continued dispossession, persecution, and gross violations. He even went so far as to allege that genocide is taking place in Gaza.

The Accusation of Diplomatic Cover

Mokhiber accused the United States, the United Kingdom, and European countries of giving political and diplomatic cover for Israel’s atrocities. He reiterated this sentiment in his interview with CNN, claiming that these nations have turned a blind eye to Israeli war crimes, crimes against humanity, ethnic cleansing, and genocide. According to Mokhiber, international accountability has been lacking and demands for justice have been far too muted.

The Call for Accountability

Mokhiber highlighted the importance of accountability for all actors involved in the conflict, regardless of their identity. He stressed that international law is clear and that it is the duty of the UN and its member states to work towards holding perpetrators accountable and providing redress for the victims. He pointed out that both Hamas and Israel have committed war crimes in the recent conflict, and that these crimes must not go unpunished.

A Controversial Departure from the UN

While Mokhiber received praise for his decision to leave the UN, he also faced criticism and accusations of antisemitism. In response, he argued that labeling people as antisemites for criticizing Israeli violations against Palestinians is a long-standing tactic that aims to silence legitimate concerns.

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