Opinion | ‘MAGA Mike Johnson’ and Our Broken Christian Politics

Title: The Broken Approach of Republican Evangelicals in Politics

Paragraph 1: Introduction
In the early days of Mike Johnson’s tenure as speaker of the House, two moments showcased the flawed approach that many Republican evangelicals have towards politics. These incidents shed light on the way they prioritize their religious beliefs over the principles of honesty and morality. Johnson’s dismissive response to questions about overturning the 2020 election and his assertion that the Bible is his worldview reflect the problematic mindset prevalent among some Republican evangelicals.

Paragraph 2: The Misinterpretation of the Bible
While Johnson claims that his political philosophy is rooted in the Bible, it is important to note that the Bible is open to interpretation on various subjects. It does not provide clear guidance on every issue, including matters like funding for the IRS. This highlights the fact that belief in the Bible is not a reliable indicator of political philosophy, as demonstrated by the significant racial divide among evangelicals in the 2020 election.

Paragraph 3: Lack of Consensus on Moral Principles
Even when evangelical Christians agree on certain moral principles, such as the definition of marriage, there is widespread disagreement on how civil law should reflect those beliefs. This further emphasizes the fact that the Bible cannot serve as a clear guide for American policy decisions. However, it does offer guidance on Christian virtues, such as honesty.

Paragraph 4: Mike Johnson’s Involvement in the Big Lie
Johnson’s refusal to answer questions about the effort to overturn the 2020 election highlights his lack of honesty. He actively participated in the movement, supporting false claims about voting machines and voting against certifying the election results. Despite his pleasant demeanor, his promotion of baseless theories aligns him with corrupt and incompetent lawyers. Even former Representative Liz Cheney accused Johnson of knowingly acting inappropriately.

Paragraph 5: Contrasting Examples: Pence and Johnson
The contrasting paths taken by Mike Pence and Mike Johnson demonstrate the political ruthlessness among evangelical Republicans. While both men share a strong faith and loyalty to the Trump agenda, Pence chose honesty over participating in the Big Lie. As a result, his approval among GOP voters plummeted. This exemplifies the inflexibility of Republican evangelicals on policy positions, even when the Bible is unclear, and their flexibility on morality, even when the Bible is explicit.

Paragraph 6: Consequences of Evangelical Republicans’ Actions
The unwavering support of evangelical Republicans for dishonest and dangerous political endeavors is placing immense strain on America. The commitment to the Big Lie nearly tore the country apart, and the continued allegiance to Trump is keeping a divisive figure within reach of the presidency. The rise of Mike Johnson, who played a significant role in overturning the election, as the second in line for the presidency is alarming.

Paragraph 7: The Call for Reflection
The Bible, which serves as a guiding principle for many evangelical Republicans, condemns dishonesty and cruelty. It emphasizes that the ends do not justify the means. It is crucial for “MAGA Mike Johnson” and his evangelical supporters to internalize this message and reassess their approach to politics, prioritizing honesty and morality over partisan loyalty.

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