Participants in Jan. 6 Capitol Attack Arrested 3 Years Later

FBI Arrests Trio in Connection with Capitol Attack on Jan. 6, 2021

On the three-year anniversary of the infamous Capitol attack on Jan. 6, 2021, a dramatic early morning raid at a Florida ranch led to the arrest of three individuals suspected of violent involvement in the riot.

Arrest Details

The FBI’s Tampa division disclosed that Jonathan Daniel Pollock (24), Olivia Michele Pollock (33), and Joseph Daniel Hutchinson III (27) were apprehended in Groveland, Florida, which is located to the west of Orlando.

Previous Legal Troubles

Jonathan Pollock had been evading capture since the insurrection. Olivia Pollock and Hutchinson were initially taken into custody and charged in June 2021 along with two others. However, they absconded while awaiting trial on bond.

Charges and Sentencing

The group of five Floridians, including the three recent arrestees, were accused of violently assaulting law enforcement officers for over two hours during the Capitol siege. Two others in the group, Joshua Christopher Doolin and Michael Steven Perkins, were sentenced in August.

Allegations and Actions

Jonathan Pollock, clad in military-style tactical gear, allegedly spearheaded an attack on law enforcement using a flagpole. Video evidence suggests he shouted, “Let’s go!” while trying to advance up the Capitol stairs. The group reportedly utilized stolen riot gear and engaged in physical altercations with officers.

Associations and Affiliations

Hutchinson, who had ties to a gun shop owned by the Pollack family in Lakeland, Florida, is believed to be connected to Jonathan and Olivia Pollock, potentially siblings.

Legal Ramifications

Following the Capitol breach, over 1,200 individuals have faced charges related to the incident. This occurred after former President Trump encouraged his supporters to redirect their attention to the Capitol during Congress’s certification of the 2020 election results.

Trump’s Legal Battles

Former President Trump is currently entangled in legal battles to prevent restrictions on his candidacy in states where his actions during the Capitol riot are deemed seditious.


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