Pence criticizes GOP ‘chaos caucus’ with strong language

Former Vice President Mike Pence Urges for a Return to Traditional Conservatism

Pence’s Message Struggles to Gain Traction in New Hampshire

Former Vice President Mike Pence, known for his more traditional brand of conservatism, recently spoke at a town hall event in Exeter, New Hampshire. Standing in the historic Exeter Town Hall, Pence called on the country to follow in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln, emphasizing the importance of a deep commitment to the Constitution and a belief in the vision of the founding fathers. Despite his efforts to distance himself from former President Donald Trump‘s populist style, Pence faces an uphill battle in the race for the 2024 GOP nomination, as polling suggests his message is not resonating with likely New Hampshire GOP voters.

A recent Suffolk University/Boston Globe/USA TODAY poll reveals that Pence has just over 1% support among likely Granite State primary voters. This puts him far behind other contenders such as former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and notably, Trump himself. Despite these numbers, Pence remains steadfast in his opposition to populism and continues to advocate for a return to the principles laid out by Lincoln.

Pence Defends Certification of Biden’s Victory

One of the notable moments from Pence’s town hall was his defense of his decision to certify President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. Pence, who rejected Trump’s efforts to overturn the results, has consistently defended his role in upholding the election results. During the town hall, an attendee blamed Trump for the Jan. 6 attacks and questioned Pence’s thoughts on the former president’s false claims of election fraud. In response, Pence rebuked Trump’s attempts to overturn the election, stating that he made it clear to him that he did not have the authority to do so.

Pence Expresses Unwavering Support for Israel

When asked about the conflict between Israel and Hamas militants in the Middle East, Pence expressed his unwavering support for Israel, calling it “our most cherished ally.” He emphasized the need for America to speak with one voice in support of Israel during this challenging time. Pence also criticized the Biden administration’s actions, echoing Republican sentiment by questioning their release of $6 billion in Iranian funds.

Pence Weighs in on House Republican Speaker Chaos

Pence chimed in on the chaos within the House Republican party as they struggle to elect a new speaker. Referring to the conservative hardliners as the “chaos caucus,” Pence criticized their move to oust former speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy. He stated that it would never have occurred to him to partner with Democrats to remove a Republican speaker of the House. Pence warned that voters would hold them accountable if they failed to elect a new speaker and continued to obstruct progress in the House.

Divided Opinions on Pence’s Candidacy

Opinions among voters at the town hall were divided regarding Pence’s candidacy. Leslie Haslam, a registered Democrat who intends to vote in the GOP primary, expressed her respect for Pence’s actions on January 6 but criticized his stance on climate change and natural gas. On the other hand, Marie O’Neil, a moderate and undeclared voter, admired Pence’s decision to certify the 2020 election but referred to his association with the Trump administration as the “worst presidency.” Despite these mixed opinions, both attendees left the possibility of voting for Pence open.

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