Plea Deal Reached by Alex Murdaugh in Financial Crimes Case Days Before Trial

Convicted Killer Alex Murdaugh Strikes Plea Deal in South Carolina Trial

Convicted Killer Alex Murdaugh Strikes Plea Deal in South Carolina Trial


Convicted killer Alex Murdaugh has reached a plea deal just days before his trial in South Carolina’s extensive case against him for numerous financial crimes. This article explores the details of the plea deal and the charges against Murdaugh.

Plea Deal Details

Appearing in Beaufort County Court, Murdaugh agreed to plead guilty to various counts, including allegations of siphoning off insurance settlement funds in the death of the Murdaughs’ housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield. The former personal injury lawyer, wearing an orange jumpsuit, expressed his satisfaction in pleading guilty to the charges.

Prosecutor’s Recommendation

Chief prosecutor Creighton Waters recommended a 27-year prison sentence, while Judge Clifton Newman will determine the final sentence during the Nov. 28 hearing. The judge intends to accept Murdaugh’s guilty plea after hearing from the victims.

Overview of the Cases

Waters provided an overview of the various cases, accusing Murdaugh of having an insatiable need for money. Murdaugh disagreed with some aspects of the prosecutor’s narrative but admitted to the essential elements of the crimes.

State’s Case and Losses

The state’s case, which played a crucial role in Murdaugh’s murder trial, involved 101 financial-related charges and an alleged loss of $8.8 million. The schemes affected Murdaugh’s clients and his family’s law firm.

Avoiding Trial

The plea deal means that Murdaugh will avoid the trial that was scheduled to begin on Nov. 27. This outcome prevents further media attention on the disbarred attorney.

The Murdaugh Case Timeline

Murdaugh’s murder trial received significant coverage due to his influential family background and his actions following the deaths of his wife and son. The case led to allegations of financial fraud, a hired hitman plot, drug addiction, and investigations into other suspicious deaths linked to the Murdaugh family.

Guilty Plea and Federal Charges

Murdaugh maintained his innocence in the murder of his wife and son but pleaded guilty to almost two dozen counts of financial fraud and money laundering in federal court. As part of the plea deal, he must pay restitution to all identifiable victims.

Co-Conspirators and Schemes

Murdaugh was linked to two co-conspirators who aided him in defrauding clients between 2005 and 2021. The co-conspirators, Cory Fleming and Russell Laffitte, were previously convicted or pleaded guilty to related crimes.

The Satterfield Case

In the case of Gloria Satterfield, Murdaugh directed Fleming to draft checks totaling almost $3.5 million to his personal bank account, depriving Satterfield’s sons of the money. The Satterfield family expressed their belief that Murdaugh deserves life in prison.

Admission of Financial Crimes

Murdaugh’s attorneys stated that their client has never denied committing financial crimes, which he acknowledged during his murder trial. However, he maintains his innocence regarding the murders of his wife and son.

Request for a New Trial

Murdaugh’s lawyers are seeking a new trial for the murder charges, alleging jury tampering by the clerk of court. The judge overseeing the trial has recused himself from any future proceedings due to the possibility of being called as a witness.


Alex Murdaugh’s plea deal in the South Carolina trial brings an end to one chapter of his legal troubles. The outcome of his sentencing will be determined in the upcoming hearing, and he continues to seek a new trial for the murder charges.

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