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### Alaya F’s Balancing Workout Video Goes Viral

Alaya F, known for sharing her fitness journey on social media, recently posted a video showcasing her attempt to master a balancing workout on a stability ball. The video captured her progression from struggling to balance to eventually mastering the skill with weights in hand. The video has garnered attention from various individuals in the film industry, including global star Priyanka Chopra, who applauded Alaya’s efforts with a clapping emoji in the comments section. Saiyami Kher also joined in to appreciate the young actor’s dedication with a comment that read, “Woah.”

### Alaya F’s Journey to Balancing Perfection

On June 5th, Alaya F shared the video on her Instagram handle, expressing her sense of accomplishment in the caption. She described her journey with the stability ball as rewarding and highlighted the importance of persistence. Previously, the actor had shared a video of her most painful fall from the workout, cautioning her followers against attempting it without professional supervision and proper safety measures.

### Fans Shower Love on Alaya F’s Fitness Endeavors

Alaya’s video received an outpouring of love and support from her fans, prompting her to thank them through an Instagram story. The actor acknowledged the positive response and humorously mentioned that every fall during the process was worth it. The engaging content shared by Alaya resonated with her audience, showcasing her commitment to fitness and willingness to share both the highs and lows of her journey.

### Alaya F Opens Up About Body Image Struggles

In a candid interview with India Today, Alaya F revealed her experiences with body shaming, both for being overweight and later for being skinny. The actor shared how she was constantly fat-shamed as a child, leading to body insecurities. Despite transforming her body through self-care and fitness, Alaya continues to face criticism, this time for being too thin. Her honest reflections shed light on the societal pressures and judgments surrounding body image in the entertainment industry.

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