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102 Documented Attacks on Health Care Since Oct. 7, WHO Says

The Devastating Impact on Health Care Facilities in Gaza

Since the Israel-Hamas conflict began in early October, the World Health Organization (WHO) operating in Palestinian territory has documented 102 attacks on healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip. These attacks have resulted in 504 fatalities, 459 injuries, damage to 39 facilities, and the affected 31 ambulances. Over half of the health attacks and damaged hospitals were in Gaza City.

The Human Toll of the Conflict

According to the Palestinian health ministry in Gaza, more than 9,200 people have been killed, while Israel reports over 1,400 casualties. These numbers include the recent attack on October 7, where 21 Palestinians from one family were killed in Israeli strikes that targeted Gaza overnight. The victims belonged to the family of Abu Hasira, and the attack caused immense devastation, particularly among women and children.

Suspension of Minister Who Suggested Nuclear Bombing of Gaza

A junior Israeli government minister, Amihai Eliyahu, who suggested that dropping an atomic bomb on Gaza was an option, has reportedly been suspended. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, distanced himself from Eliyahu’s comments, stating that they were not based in reality. Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s commitment to operating in accordance with international law to avoid harming innocents.

Turkey’s Call for a Peaceful Future for Gaza

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan expressed his support for Gaza’s inclusion in an independent, sovereign Palestinian state once the Israel-Hamas war concludes. Turkey strongly advocates for a two-state solution and opposes any plans that would marginalize or erase the Palestinian people. Erdogan also called for an immediate ceasefire and emphasized the need for peace and calm in the region.

The Tragic Consequences of Airstrikes

Rescuers frantically dug through destroyed homes in the Jabaliya refugee camp to find survivors after an Israeli airstrike. The bombardment, part of Israel’s offensive to crush Hamas, has caused widespread destruction and loss of life. The exact number of casualties is still unknown, but the devastation is evident as firefighters battled flames and rescuers struggled to pull people from the wreckage.

Possible Progress in Persuading Israel to Pause Attacks

President Joe Biden hinted at some progress in persuading Israel to temporarily halt military strikes on Gaza for humanitarian reasons. While the situation remains complex, the efforts to bring about a pause in the attacks are ongoing.

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