Report says second flag carried by Jan. 6 rioters displayed outside house owned by Justice Alito

Justice Samuel Alito’s House Displays Controversial Flags

Reports recently emerged that a second flag, similar to those carried by rioters during the U.S. Capitol attack in January 2021, was spotted outside the residence of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Controversial Flags at Alito’s Houses

One of the flags, an “Appeal to Heaven” flag, was seen at Alito’s beach vacation home, while an inverted American flag, also a symbol carried by rioters, was observed at his residence near Washington shortly after the Capitol attack.

Uproar and Calls for Recusal

Last week, the news of the inverted flag outside Alito’s house caused a stir, with some high-ranking Democrats urging him to recuse himself from cases related to former President Donald Trump.

No Response from Alito

Alito and the court remained silent on the origins and meaning of the flags. Alito had previously mentioned that the inverted American flag was flown by his wife amidst a disagreement with neighbors, distancing himself from it.

History of the “Appeal to Heaven” Flag

Historically linked to the Revolutionary War, the “Appeal to Heaven” flag has more recently become associated with Christian nationalism and support for Trump, and was carried by rioters fueled by false claims of election fraud.

Use of Flag by Republicans

Not limited to rioters, Republicans like House Speaker Mike Johnson have also displayed the flag, appreciating its historical significance.

Alito’s Involvement in Jan. 6 Cases

Alito is actively participating in cases related to the Jan. 6 events, including issues around Trump’s immunity and charges against rioters, without any indication of recusal.

Supreme Court Ethics and Trust Issues

Recently, public trust in the Supreme Court hit a historic low, emphasizing the importance of judicial independence and ethical codes to maintain credibility.

It is crucial for judges to avoid political affiliations and maintain impartiality, especially in cases they may preside over. Recognizing this, the Supreme Court implemented a code of ethics in November 2023 to address criticisms related to undisclosed benefits to some justices, although enforcement mechanisms are lacking.

Source: The Associated Press

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