Robert Winnett, incoming Post editor, linked to self-proclaimed ‘thief’ involved in his reporting

London Police Arrests John Ford for Attempted Theft

In 2010, London police arrested John Ford for attempting to steal a copy of former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s unreleased memoir. Ford, a former aspiring actor with a history of illegal activities to obtain confidential information, confessed to working with Britain’s Sunday Times.

Robert Winnett: From Sunday Times to The Washington Post

Robert Winnett, a trusted journalist with a pending editor role at The Washington Post, was the person Ford reached out to for help. Draft chapters written by Ford detail Winnett’s involvement in connecting Ford with legal support and ensuring their communications were untraceable.

Journalistic Ethical Concerns

Winnett’s upcoming role at The Washington Post has raised questions about journalistic practices in the United States versus Britain. Ford’s accounts suggest a history of deceptive news gathering methods involving prominent individuals and organizations.

Deception in Journalism

In the UK, deceptive tactics for news stories are illegal under the Data Protection Act but can be justified if in the public interest. Winnett’s reported collaboration with Ford on various stories, including those related to well-known figures and their financial affairs, has sparked ethical debates.

Leadership Changes at The Washington Post

Winnett’s appointment at The Washington Post comes amidst leadership changes initiated by Publisher William Lewis. The departure of Sally Buzbee and the introduction of Winnett as a new editorial lead has stirred controversies around journalistic integrity.

Uncovering Past Misdeeds

Recent scrutiny into Lewis’s past at the Sunday Times has revealed potential involvement in unethical practices, including a story based on hacked phone records. These allegations have cast a shadow over the journalistic integrity of key figures in the industry.

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