Rupert Murdoch Acted ‘Like a Passenger’ for Fox’s Election Lies

Former CNN host Brian Stelter made a comeback on the network to discuss his upcoming book, “Network of Lies,” which delves into the role of Fox News and its chairman, Rupert Murdoch, in promoting baseless claims about the 2020 election. Stelter revealed that Murdoch acted more like a passenger than a leader during Fox’s dissemination of misinformation.

In an interview with CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins, Stelter emphasized the significance of the Dominion Voting Systems defamation lawsuit against Fox News in exposing Murdoch’s involvement and perspectives on the network’s coverage. Stelter expressed his realization that there was a story that needed to be pieced together to explain how this situation unfolded. He stated, “Rupert Murdoch chose to sit back and act like a bystander instead of leading and actually managing his company. That meant the likes of Sean Hannity were actually in charge, and they were the ones that were spreading misinformation.”

Text messages obtained through the lawsuit showcased the bewilderment of some of Fox’s top hosts, producers, and executives regarding the claims made on their shows. However, the network continued to provide airtime to individuals like Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and Rudy Giuliani, who were advocating false election fraud allegations. This was primarily driven by financial motivations, as Murdoch himself admitted in a deposition.

Murdoch, who announced his departure as chairman and CEO of News Corp and chairman of Fox Corp in September, acknowledged that he could have prevented Powell and Giuliani from appearing on the network. Despite this acknowledgement, he did not take any action to stop their misleading narratives. It was only after Fox settled with Dominion for $787.5 million that Murdoch’s testimony, contradicting his previous statements, became public.

Stelter emphasized Murdoch’s lack of leadership and his contradictory stance on the election fraud claims. He stated, “He was saying this was terrible stuff damaging everybody, but he wasn’t actually taking action to stop it. And then, he gets deposed earlier this year by Dominion’s lawyers, and he contradicts himself and he backtracks, and he acted more like a passenger in a car than the driver. For me, it’s a story about a lack of leadership.”

Stelter’s book, “Network of Lies,” is set to be released on November 14. It examines the role of media in disseminating misinformation and the consequences of such actions. Through his book, Stelter aims to shed light on the need for responsible journalism and leadership within media organizations.

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