Santa Cruz Sentinel: Urgent Infrastructure Upgrades Required for Climate Change

Reimagining the National Climate Assessment

Reimagining the National Climate Assessment

Progress and Potential Amidst Climate Change Challenges

The recent National Climate Assessment has caught our attention, making headlines on the front page of the Sentinel. While the article’s subtitle, “Warming Harming all Regions,” emphasizes the negative impact of climate change, it’s important to note that the report also sheds light on achievements and positive outcomes. One notable accomplishment is the significant reduction in annual greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., which fell by an impressive 12% between 2005 and 2019.

The Need for Infrastructure Upgrades

However, amidst the progress, it is crucial to address the challenges that lie ahead. One such challenge is the stagnation of our transmission grid. The approval and construction process for projects is far too lengthy, and our infrastructure is in dire need of improvement. To tackle this issue, we urge you to reach out to your representative and senators, urging them to co-sponsor the Big Wires Act (Building Integrated Grids with Inter-Regional Energy Supply). The introduction of H.R. 5551 and S 2827 will not only add transmission lines but also enhance technology, improve energy efficiency, reduce peak demand, and expedite the generation and transportation of renewable electricity.

Maximizing the Impact of Climate Change Upgrades

It is important to recognize that without the necessary infrastructure upgrades, many of the climate change upgrades proposed in the Inflation Reduction Act will go to waste. We must prioritize the enhancement of our transmission grid to effectively implement and benefit from these monumental changes.

Donna Ramos, Santa Cruz

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