States collaborate to compete for EPA climate grants

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The Impact of Federal Grants on Climate Policies

States across the country are ramping up their efforts to combat climate change, thanks to the incentives provided by generous federal grants. An analysis of the Climate Pollution Reduction Grants (CPRG) program under the Inflation Reduction Act reveals a significant shift in climate policy development.

Flexible Funding Opportunities

The CPRG program, a flagship initiative of the EPA, offered each state $3 million to devise decarbonization strategies. Subsequently, states had the chance to compete for a share of $4.3 billion to execute these plans. The appeal of the program was so widespread that almost every state and numerous cities participated, resulting in the formulation of inaugural climate action blueprints in some regions.

Competition for Federal Funding

The EPA is currently evaluating the proposals to determine the deserving recipients of federal funding. The top awards are set at $500 million, with the agency expected to unveil the winners in the upcoming months. Recent assessments indicate that certain states are harboring ambitious climate goals that transcend their own boundaries.

Recognition of Strong State Plans

Evergreen Action, a prominent climate policy and advocacy organization instrumental in shaping President Biden’s climate legislation, has identified states with robust climate strategies. In a recent report, the group highlighted states that are not only prioritizing climate action but also leveraging collaboration to gain a competitive advantage.

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