supports pardoning US Capitol attackers to prevent future insurrection on January 6.

Republican Governor, Kristi Noem, Weighs in on Capitol Attack Pardons

Former contender for the Republican vice-presidential nomination, Kristi Noem, has suggested that each individual involved in the January 6th, 2021 US Capitol attack should be assessed separately for potential pardons to prevent future incidents.

Noem’s Perspective on Pardons

Noem emphasized the need for a case-by-case evaluation, stating, “Each of those situations needs to be looked at separately,” during an appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press. She stressed the importance of avoiding a repeat of the violent events that transpired on that day.

Support for Donald Trump

The South Dakota governor expressed her support for Donald Trump’s plan to potentially grant pardons to individuals involved in the Capitol attack if he secures a second term in the upcoming election.

Noem’s Take on Potential Pardons

Noem highlighted that the decision to grant pardons should be solely based on Trump’s discretion after reviewing each case individually to assess the circumstances and the roles of the individuals involved.

Public Response and Political Impact

Noem’s stance on the issue received mixed reactions, with some critics questioning the coherence of her arguments. The governor’s favorability ratings have declined following controversial revelations in her book, impacting her chances of being selected as Trump’s running mate.

Potential Vice-Presidential Role

Noem denied receiving any official communication from the Trump campaign regarding the vice-presidential position. She affirmed that Trump would be the ultimate decision-maker regarding his running mate for the upcoming election.

Trump’s Legal Challenges and Noem’s Confidence

Despite Trump’s legal entanglements, including convictions and pending criminal charges, Noem remains steadfast in her belief that Trump would be a capable leader if elected president again, emphasizing the restoration of law and order in the country.

Crime Statistics under Biden’s Administration

Contrasting Trump’s vision, recent statistics indicate a noticeable decrease in violent crime rates during Biden’s presidency, raising questions about the efficacy of Trump’s proposed policies.

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