Taxpayers still paying for Jan. 6 attack as SCOTUS decision approaches, CBS News reports

Supreme Court Ruling Could Impact Jan. 6 Convictions

A significant Supreme Court ruling looms on the horizon, poised to potentially affect numerous Jan. 6 convictions. This ruling has the potential to shake up the legal landscape, raising questions about the validity of criminal charges against former President Donald Trump. The crux of the matter lies in whether prosecutors misapplied a federal obstruction law in charging some of the rioters.

CBS News Review Reveals Taxpayers Still Covering Repair Costs

An investigation conducted by CBS News has shed light on the ongoing financial repercussions of the Capitol attack. According to the findings, taxpayers continue to bear the brunt of expenses incurred in repairing the damage caused during the siege. This revelation underscores the enduring impact of the events of Jan. 6 on public finances.

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