Texas on high alert as Beryl storm approaches, predicted to strengthen back to hurricane status

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Impact of Hurricane Beryl on Texas

The coastal areas of Texas experienced the initial effects of Hurricane Beryl as it approached with increasing intensity. Residents prepared by boarding up windows and following evacuation orders ahead of the expected landfall.

Formation and Intensity of Hurricane Beryl

Hurricane Beryl, previously a Category 5 storm in the Atlantic, caused significant damage in the Caribbean before heading towards Texas. It displayed rapid intensification multiple times, reflecting the extreme conditions of the Atlantic.

Preparations and Warnings

Authorities issued warnings along the Texas coastline, emphasizing the potential for flooding, heavy rain, and strong winds. Tourists were advised to leave beach areas, and residents were urged to secure their homes with precautions like boarding up windows and using sandbags.

Response and Resources

The White House confirmed the deployment of FEMA resources, including emergency responders and supplies, to assist in the hurricane response. Coastal cities initiated voluntary evacuations and other safety measures to protect vulnerable areas.

Previous Impact and Evacuations

Beryl had previously affected Mexico and other Caribbean nations, resulting in casualties and destruction. The storm prompted preemptive evacuations in Texas, with mandatory orders issued in some regions.

Historical Context and Comparison

This event marked the 10th hurricane to hit Texas in July since 1851, highlighting the recurring nature of such storms. The memory of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation in 2017 also loomed large, underscoring the importance of preparedness.


Lozano reported from Houston. Associated Press writer Mark Thiessen in Anchorage, Alaska, and radio reporter Julie Walker in New York contributed.

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