Thanksgiving Recipes without Gluten and Dairy

### Amelia Bedelia: The Power of a Good Pie

In the children’s book series “Amelia Bedelia,” the main character’s ability to bake a delicious pie saves her job as a housekeeper. The story serves as a reminder that food can have a powerful impact, even in difficult situations. With Thanksgiving approaching, the idea of a good pie’s ability to bring people together is especially relevant.

#### A Small Kindness at the Thanksgiving Table

While food alone cannot solve all problems, it can be a gesture of kindness, especially during holiday gatherings like Thanksgiving. Cooking dishes that accommodate dietary restrictions can show that you care about your guests. Two such dishes that are both delicious and suitable for those who avoid gluten or dairy are savory sticky rice stuffing and pumpkin meringue pie.

#### Sticky Rice Stuffing: A Gluten-Free Alternative

Instead of trying to imitate traditional bread stuffing, consider making a sticky rice stuffing that offers a similar chewiness and richness. Short-grain sticky rice, also known as sushi rice, is gluten-free and has a unique texture that sets it apart from other stuffings. This dish draws inspiration from Chinese cuisine, where sticky rice is often used to stuff meats like ducks and chickens. The combination of fatty pork and meaty mushrooms adds savory flavor and plumpness to the rice grains.

#### Pumpkin Meringue Pie: A Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Dessert

For a Thanksgiving dessert that everyone can enjoy, try making a pumpkin meringue pie with a pecan crust. This pie combines the flavors of a traditional pumpkin pie with the lightness of a meringue topping. The crust, made with ground nuts and oats, offers a delightful nuttiness that complements the spiced pumpkin custard. The meringue topping provides the airiness of whipped cream and a bittersweet touch reminiscent of burnt marshmallows.

#### Meeting Dietary Needs in the Pie Industry

Even in the world of pie-making, there is a growing recognition of the importance of accommodating dietary needs. Stockholm Pie & General Store, known for their exceptional flaky pie crust, has recently started offering gluten-free options in response to customer demands. This shift reflects a broader trend of hosts considering the dietary preferences of their guests and ensuring that everyone can enjoy a slice of pie.

#### The Magic of a Good Pie

In the spirit of Amelia Bedelia’s pie, offering a dessert that caters to all guests’ dietary needs can bring a touch of magic to the Thanksgiving meal. While it may not solve all problems, a good pie has the power to create moments of joy and connection. So, this Thanksgiving, consider baking or buying a pie that can be enjoyed by all, and let the power of food work its magic.

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