The absence of accountability for the crimes of January 6 fuels chaos in Congress.

Chaos in the GOP: Republicans’ Role in the Attempted Coup

Chaos in the GOP: Republicans’ Role in the Attempted Coup

The House in Chaos

Kevin McCarthy, the first Speaker in history to be thrown out of his office by his own party, has brought chaos to the House. This humiliation has ramifications not only for the United States but also for the international order. Putin, Xi, and MBS are delighted by this turmoil, as it weakens America’s ability to defend Ukraine and provides China with a potential model for attacking Taiwan.

Actions Against Average Americans

Trump, along with his followers in Congress, has taken actions that are negatively impacting average Americans. Republicans successfully blocked President Biden’s student debt forgiveness, forcing student loan payments to resume. Additionally, the child tax credit and support for daycare have expired, resulting in a doubling of child poverty in America within a month. Around 70,000 preschool facilities may also close. Moreover, Republicans in the House have stripped aid to Ukraine, per Putin’s demand, from the continuing resolution to keep the government running.

America’s Descent into Chaos

America finds itself in chaos because leaders like Schumer and Garland have failed to investigate and prosecute Trump’s congressional allies involved in the January 6th attack. By ignoring their crimes, these allies have been emboldened to further tear America apart, driven by financial support from right-wing billionaires and foreign governments. This failure in accountability has consequences that extend beyond the domestic sphere.

Tough on Crime Rhetoric

While the rhetoric of being “tough on crime” has been predominantly associated with Republicans, it is the Democrats who have failed to act when it comes to investigating and prosecuting elected Republicans involved in the attempted coup. This lack of action contradicts the bipartisan consensus that criminals should face swift and certain punishment for their crimes.

Multiple members of Congress, including Tommy Tuberville, Barry Loudermilk, Rand Paul, and Jared Kushner, are allegedly involved in criminal activities related to the January 6th attack. Tuberville’s actions suggest a connection between Putin and Trump, while Loudermilk’s suspicious tour on January 5th raises concerns about his involvement in the events of January 6th. Rand Paul’s secret trip to Russia and support for the insurrectionists align with Putin’s desires. Kushner’s actions in Saudi Arabia also raise questions about his role in criminal activities. Additionally, Matt Gaetz’s actions were serious enough to warrant him begging for a preemptive pardon from Trump.

Republicans’ Role in Undermining Democracy

According to Rolling Stone, multiple Republican members of Congress, including Marjorie Taylor Greene, Mo Brooks, Lauren Boebert, and more, were involved in Trump’s efforts to undermine American democracy. The fact that these alleged criminals have not been prosecuted, and there has been no investigation into their actions, is deeply concerning.

The Need for Accountability

Liz Cheney’s focus on Trump, rather than investigating Republican colleagues, has hindered the House committee’s investigation into the January 6th attack. Staffers of the committee expressed frustration with Cheney’s tactics, as they believe important findings unrelated to Trump may remain hidden from the public. It is crucial to hold Republicans accountable for their role in one of the most infamous crimes in American history.

Holding Republicans Accountable

There is still an opportunity to hold these politicians accountable for their actions. Schumer could appoint a committee in the Senate to investigate Washington insiders who collaborated with Trump and supported the rioters. Garland, as the Attorney General, could take decisive action by appointing a special prosecutor or expanding the scope of the investigation. Even if some crimes have surpassed the statute of limitations, shedding light on these events is essential for the sake of transparency and justice.

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