The Baltimore Sun reports on Trump’s false statements regarding the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021.

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Unveiling the Truth: Debunking Trump’s Misinformation on Capitol Attack


Former President Donald Trump‘s recent claims about the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack have sparked controversy. Let’s delve into the facts and debunk the misinformation.

Violent Insurrection: Setting the Record Straight

Contrary to Trump’s assertions, the Capitol attack involved thousands of his supporters, with hundreds breaking in and engaging in violent clashes with law enforcement officers. Video evidence vividly captures the chaos, and over 1,400 individuals face federal charges linked to the riot.

False Claims and Dangerous Rhetoric

Many rioters echoed Trump’s baseless election fraud allegations while menacingly targeting lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi and Mike Pence. Despite evacuations and disruptions, Congress eventually certified Joe Biden’s victory that night.

Debunking Trump’s Misleading Statements

Peaceful Protest or Incitement to Violence?

Trump’s plea for supporters to march “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol is overshadowed by his other inflammatory remarks, inciting insurrection. Videos show rioters citing his call to action as they stormed the building.

Police Involvement Allegations

Contrary to Trump’s claims, there is no evidence that police ushered rioters into the Capitol. Overwhelmed officers resorted to de-escalation tactics, trying to contain the mob. The notion that police facilitated the breach is deemed false by the Capitol Police Chief.

The National Guard Controversy

Trump’s persistent falsehood about offering 10,000 National Guard troops to Pelosi and being rejected is debunked. Pentagon officials confirm no such order was issued by the president. The decision to call in the Guard rested with the Capitol Police Board, independent of Trump.


Trump’s revisionist history surrounding the Capitol attack is refuted by concrete evidence and official statements. It’s crucial to separate fact from fiction to uphold the truth.

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