The Current: Brothers from Dutchess County Found Guilty in January 6th Attack

Dutchess County Brothers and Uncle Convicted in D.C. Jury Trial

Two brothers from Dutchess County, along with their uncle, were found guilty by a federal jury in Washington, D.C., for their involvement in the January 6, 2021, Capitol breach.

Criminal Charges and Verdict

Gregory Purdy Jr., a 26-year-old graduate of Carmel High School, and his uncle Robert Turner faced multiple charges, including felonies, for assaulting police officers during the storming of the Capitol. Purdy Jr. faced 12 charges, Turner faced nine, and Matthew Purdy, the younger brother, faced four misdemeanor counts.

Legal Proceedings and Verdict

Following the jury’s decision, Purdy Jr. and Turner were taken into custody, while Matthew Purdy was released until sentencing, scheduled for October 18.

Extent of Violence

Reports indicate that around 140 police officers were injured during the assault, with one protester being shot and killed by a Capitol police officer. At least three police officers’ deaths were linked to the riot.

Legal Ramifications

More than 1,450 individuals have faced charges related to the January 6 events, over 500 of whom were accused of felonies for attacking or obstructing officers.

Personal Background

The Purdy brothers are the sons of Gregory Schwartz-Purdy, a former political candidate. Gregory Purdy Jr. actively managed his father’s election campaign.

Charges and Guilty Verdicts

Purdy Jr. was found guilty on multiple counts, including obstructing officers, assaulting, resisting, and engaging in violence in a restricted building. Turner faced similar charges and guilty verdicts.

Legal Representation and Future Proceedings

Following their arrests, the brothers and their uncle hired legal representation. The sentencing for all three men is set for October, with ongoing legal proceedings for other individuals involved in the Capitol breach.

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