The reasons behind Peloton instructors departing from the fitness company

### Kendall Toole
Kendall Toole announced her departure from Peloton in June 2024 after nearly five years with the company. The popular spinning instructor left amid contract negotiations, although she did not specify the exact reason for her exit. Peloton confirmed that Toole left during the most recent round of contract negotiations, thanking her for her contributions to the brand.

### Ross Rayburn
Ross Rayburn, another beloved instructor, announced his departure from Peloton in April 2024. After five years with the company, Rayburn decided to take a break from teaching to focus on new opportunities that arose from the release of his first book. Peloton confirmed that Rayburn left during contract negotiations and expressed gratitude for his time with the brand.

### Kristin McGee
Kristin McGee shared with her fans in July 2024 that she was leaving Peloton to spend more time with her family. After six years with the company, McGee expressed her gratitude for the experience and the support from the Peloton community. Peloton confirmed that McGee’s departure was also a result of contract negotiations.

### Marion Berrian Roaman
Marion Berrian Roaman, who co-founded Peloton in 2012, left the company in 2014 to pursue other ventures. She transitioned from a cycling coach to a life coach and started working at Swerve Fitness in 2020. Roaman keeps a low profile on social media and remains focused on her career outside of Peloton.

### Ella Kay
Ella Kay started and ended her brief tenure with Peloton in 2014. While the exact reason for her departure is unknown, Kay now teaches a variety of fitness classes in Nebraska, including yoga, pilates, cycling, ballet, barre, and low-impact rehabilitation. She is dedicated to her family and her work in the fitness industry.

### Antonia DeSantis
Antonia DeSantis made a significant impact during her year with Peloton as the first live-streamed cycling instructor. After leaving in 2015, DeSantis went on to work with other fitness companies such as iFit, Rumble Boxing, and NordicTrack. She continues to inspire others through her coaching and fitness endeavors.

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