There are Only 10 Essential Relationship Rules for Men

## Top Relationship Rules for Men from Twitter

When we noticed “#rulesformen” was trending on Twitter, we couldn’t stifle our inquisitive minds and decided to check out what relationship advice followed the hashtag. As we sifted through oodles of tweets pouring through the computer monitor, it was impossible to deny it: Tweeters brought up some good points about relationships, dating, and love that men — and even women in some cases — should totally take note of.

### Rule 1: “When you are in a relationship, don’t act single.” – Walter

This rule should be self-evident, but it does seem to befuddle quite a few people. It’s important to remember that being in a relationship means being committed and faithful to your partner.

### Rule 2: “Don’t let the lady walk on the side where the cars are.” – Malina

Chivalry can live on. Just do the little things, guys. Walking on the side of the road that is away from the cars shows a protective and considerate gesture towards your partner.

### Rule 3: “Act your age. Be mature. She wants a man, not a little boy. (It’s OK to be silly at times, but not all the time.)” – Greg

Being mature and responsible is an attractive quality in a partner. While it’s okay to have fun and be silly occasionally, it’s important to strike a balance and show your partner that you can handle adult responsibilities.

### Rule 4: “Understand yourself and learn to differentiate love, lust, possessiveness, revenge, and blind desire.” – Headsink

Not every relationship emotion is true love — or even healthy. It’s important to recognize and understand your own emotions and motivations in order to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

### Rule 5: “Don’t apologize unless you know why you’re apologizing. Girls can tell the difference and it makes it worse.” – Brooke

Men, if women suspect insincerity, then the sorry doesn’t really count. Apologizing without understanding the reason behind it may come across as insincere and worsen the situation.

### Rule 6: “If you’re lost, do not stop and ask for directions — no matter how many times your girl is telling you to.” – ASuckerForAmor

Ignoring your partner’s advice to ask for directions when you’re lost may be a classic stereotype, but it’s important to remember that communication and teamwork are vital in any relationship. Sometimes, it’s better to ask for help and avoid unnecessary frustration.

### Rule 7: “Don’t expect them to call you all the time. The phone works both ways.” – Chaz

In a healthy relationship, communication should be a two-way street. It’s important not to place unrealistic expectations on your partner and understand that both parties should make an effort to maintain regular communication.

### Rule 8: “Don’t treat your girl any different if you are alone with her or with your buddies.” – Angie

Consistency is key in a relationship. It’s important to treat your partner with respect and love whether you’re alone with them or in the company of friends. Your partner should always feel valued and appreciated.

### Rule 9: “Don’t spend more than two years dating her if you don’t plan on marrying her. Seriously, you’re wasting her time.” – Jasmin

Time is valuable, and it’s important to be honest about your intentions in a relationship. If you know that marriage is not in your plans, it’s important to communicate that to your partner and not string them along for an extended period of time.

### Rule 10: “Don’t text women one-word messages.” – Ernesto

Communication is important in any relationship, and putting effort into your messages shows that you care. Sending one-word responses may come across as disinterested or lazy, so it’s important to make the effort to engage in meaningful conversation.

In conclusion, Twitter may not always be a reliable source of relationship advice, but it’s worth noting that amidst the zany and absurd tweets, there are some valuable insights to be found. These top 10 relationship rules for men serve as a reminder to be respectful, communicative, and considerate in your relationships.

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