Three individuals charged with murder for running over a tourist at Fashion Island in Newport Beach

### Three Men Charged with Special-Circumstances Murder in Newport Beach Robbery

Three Los Angeles County men have been charged with special-circumstances murder after allegedly taking part in an attempted armed robbery at Fashion Island in Newport Beach. Leroy Ernest Joseph McCrary, Malachi Edward Darnell, and Jaden Cunningham are accused of killing 68-year-old New Zealand woman, Patricia McKay, during the robbery, making it a potential death-penalty case.

### Robbery Turned Deadly at Fashion Island

The incident occurred on July 2 when McKay and her husband were waiting to be picked up after shopping. Two men in masks approached the couple in a white Toyota Camry, attempting to rob them. The men attacked McKay’s husband, demanding his watch, but were unsuccessful in getting his property. Cunningham then attacked McKay, dragging her into the street in front of the vehicle driven by McCrary. Despite her husband’s attempts to protect her, McKay was run over and dragged 65 feet by the car.

### Pursuit and Arrest of Suspects

After the incident, officers spotted the car on the northbound 405 Freeway, leading to a pursuit. Cunningham bailed out on a surface street in Cypress, while McCrary and Darnell were apprehended when the vehicle was pulled over in South Gate. All three men are being held without bail, facing charges of special-circumstances murder, attempted robbery, and other felonies.

### Strong Statements from District Attorney

Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer condemned the incident, placing blame on “soft-on-crime policies” that he believes contribute to criminal behavior. He expressed sympathy for the loved ones of Patricia McKay and the country of New Zealand, mourning her senseless death. Spitzer criticized the lack of accountability for criminal actions, stating that shopping centers have become targets for criminals due to a failure to hold individuals responsible for their actions.

The case continues to unfold as prosecutors push for justice in the tragic death of Patricia McKay at Fashion Island.

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