Three simple ways to stay strong as you age, as revealed by a personal trainer

### Building Strength for Better Aging

Celebrity nutritionist and certified personal trainer JJ Virgin shared valuable tips on how to build strength for long-term health in a recent episode of “The mindbodygreen Podcast.” Virgin emphasized the importance of simulating daily activities in the gym, engaging fast-twitch muscles, and prioritizing protein in your diet to age powerfully.

### Simulate Your Daily Activities in the Gym

Virgin suggested incorporating exercises that mimic daily movements into your workout routine. This includes squats to imitate sitting down or standing up, bent-over deadlifts to practice lifting heavy objects, and weighted step-ups to enhance glute strength. By training in the gym to improve daily life activities, Virgin highlighted the connection between physical training and overall vitality.

### Perform Workouts that Engage Fast-Twitch Muscles

In addition to simulating daily activities, Virgin advised focusing on building fast-twitch muscles through exercises like jump training, sprints, and high-intensity interval training. These muscles are responsible for quick, explosive movements and are essential for activities like riding a bike or chasing after a pet. By incorporating agility exercises into your routine, you can improve your ability to perform dynamic movements.

### Prioritize Protein Intake

To support muscle mass and strength, Virgin recommended consuming 30 grams of protein with each meal. This amount of protein can help build muscle and maintain overall strength. Whether you choose sources like grass-fed beef, wild salmon, or plant-based options, ensuring adequate protein intake is crucial for healthy aging.

### Take Care of Protein Intake During Perimenopause or Menopause

Women approaching perimenopause or menopause, a time when muscle mass naturally declines, should pay special attention to their protein intake. Virgin emphasized the importance of building skeletal muscle during this stage of life, likening it to an investment for future health. By prioritizing protein intake and incorporating strength-building exercises, individuals can age powerfully and maintain vitality in the long run.

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