Top TikTok Accounts for Queer Masc Fashion Inspiration

###Fashion Journey
My fashion journey has been a long, arduous one that seems to have no end in sight. I spent the first 18 years of my life in Catholic school plaid, so my college years were what I can only refer to as a series of unfortunate events when it came to my looks. I was exploring a sense of self and, unbeknownst to me, a sense of gender expression that was clunky, clumsy, and diabolically unfashionable. It wasn’t until the later years of college through now, that I began to brave the idea of dressing more masculinely.

###Fashion Creators
Recently I even did a 30 Day Outfit Challenge on TikTok, in which I forced myself to post my look every day, which in turn forced me to think more critically about my outfit choices and what made me feel good. In that journey, I scoped the Internet landscape for fashion creators I felt were great judges of what I wanted to look like, as well as accessible in terms of budget. Of course, as many folks are likely aware, it is often hard to feel at ease consuming fashion content online, as many of the most popular creators tend to be thin, tall, and white. And without someone who actually looks like you, it’s hard to know what one may actually feel comfortable wearing.

###Jade Fox
Starting off strong with my #1 personal favorite. When I am in a fashion jam, Jade Fox is the first creator I turn to. Not only is Jade’s fashion clean and handsomely curated, but she doesn’t stop at presentation. While some creators merely take videos of their outfits (nothing wrong with that), Jade goes to explain why these outfits “work,” and gives helpful tips to think about when approaching your closet.

I have taken a lot of screenshots of Liv’s TikToks to keep in a neat little bundle on my phone whenever I need a quick look at an outfit to put together. Liv gives daily fit checks for masculine and butch lesbians that are as fashionable as they are accessible. They often post GRWM videos specifically to show off how they build an outfit from the ground up, which has helped me immensely in deconstructing my closet and making it easier to build my own outfits.

###Marquis Neal
Admittedly I take less inspiration from Marquis for everyday fashion, and often look to his account just for the pure fun of seeing what they put together. Marquis’ videos radiate a joyfulness, featuring them dancing and singing along to whatever song is tacked onto the video as they curate vibrant, rich outfits. It is a relief to see a creator encourage the fun of putting an outfit together — watching them often feels like when you are having a delightful morning, dancing around to your favorite song as you pull on your pants for the day and pose in the mirror like a private Y2K movie montage.

I am relatively new to Mac’s guidance, but so far, I have greatly enjoyed adding him to my arsenal of exploration. While Mac’s looks may be the simplest of the examples I’ve given so far, it is a relief to see confident fashion content for bigger bodies. Mac is also an expert, in my opinion, on curating layered outfits. He has provided me with great resources for jackets, cardigans, and sweaters, clothing styles I have missed terribly living in Texas.

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