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Stay informed about the ongoing threats to democracy with our Autocracy Threat Tracker. Originally published on February 26, 2024, and continually updated, our tracker provides a comprehensive look at the latest updates on potential autocratic actions.

Former President Trump’s Autocratic Leanings

Former President Donald Trump has openly expressed his desire to become a dictator from “day one” if given the chance. His plans and promises pose a significant risk to democracy and national security, with implications for global stability. From breaking the law to targeting political opponents, Trump’s autocratic tendencies are a cause for concern.

Anti-Rule of Law Stance

Trump’s attacks on the rule of law, especially evident during his recent Manhattan trial, showcase his disregard for legal boundaries. His continuous undermining of justice institutions and spread of disinformation raise red flags about his commitment to democratic principles.

Retaliation and Prosecution

Trump and his allies have openly discussed retaliation and prosecution against adversaries following legal proceedings. The potential use of the criminal justice system for political gain signifies a dangerous shift in democratic norms towards authoritarian practices.

Autocratic Ambitions

Trump’s ambitions to wield dictatorial powers, as seen in his plans to deploy the military against civilians and abuse executive authority, pose a serious threat to democracy. His disregard for legal constraints and the rights of individuals suggests a concerning trend towards autocracy.

Former Officials’ Warnings

Several former Cabinet officials and advisors have raised alarms about the dangers of a second Trump presidency. Their concerns about irreparable damage to the country, admiration for authoritarian figures, and predictions of aggressive behavior highlight the potential risks of Trump’s return to power.


As the threat of autocracy looms, it is essential to remain vigilant and informed about the challenges to democracy. Understanding the implications of autocratic tendencies and the erosion of democratic norms is crucial in safeguarding the principles of freedom and justice.

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