Trump Co-Defendant Kenneth Chesebro Wants Georgia Case Dismissed Due to Paperwork Error

Co-Defendant in Georgia RICO Case Seeks Dismissal Due to Alleged Paperwork Errors

In a surprising twist in the ongoing Georgia RICO case involving former President Donald Trump, one of his co-defendants is seeking to have his charges dismissed. Kenneth Chesebro, a lawyer accused of aiding Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election, argues that paperwork errors made by the lead prosecutor should invalidate the case. However, legal experts are skeptical of this long-shot strategy.

Chesebro’s defense centers around the claim that Nathan Wade, one of the state’s special prosecutors, failed to submit an oath of office to work on the case. According to Chesebro, this omission renders any work done by Wade, including his arguments presented to a grand jury, null and void. ABC News reported on Wednesday night that Chesebro’s court filing makes this argument, hoping it will lead to the dismissal of his charges.

Nevertheless, legal experts find this line of defense unlikely to succeed. Former Georgia prosecutor Chris Timmons stated, “If he was not sworn in, at worst it’s embarrassing for the Fulton County DA’s office but it would not affect the case.” Timmons’ analysis suggests that even if Wade did fail to submit the required paperwork, it would not have a substantial impact on the overall validity of the case against Chesebro.

The Georgia RICO case revolves around allegations that Trump and his associates, including Chesebro, attempted to overturn the 2020 election results through the use of “alternate electors” in various states, including Georgia. The case has garnered significant attention due to its potential implications for the former president’s involvement in election interference.

Chesebro’s attempt to have his charges dismissed based on paperwork errors highlights the complex legal strategies employed by defendants in high-profile cases. While it is not uncommon for defense attorneys to explore every possible avenue for exoneration, legal experts emphasize the slim chance of success for this particular argument.

As the case continues, it remains to be seen how the court will respond to Chesebro’s motion. The outcome could have broader implications for the Georgia RICO case and potentially impact future legal proceedings related to election interference. For now, the prosecution and defense will await the court’s decision on whether to dismiss Chesebro’s charges based on alleged paperwork errors.

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