Trump drops his $500 million lawsuit against former attorney Michael Cohen

Former President Donald Trump has unexpectedly dropped a $500 million lawsuit against his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, while stating that he plans to revisit the lawsuit at a later date. The lawsuit alleged breaches of attorney-client privilege and accused Cohen of making disparaging remarks about Trump through various public platforms, including books, a podcast series, and mainstream media appearances. Trump’s spokesperson released a statement indicating that the lawsuit would be pursued after Trump has dealt with ongoing legal battles, and that Cohen would be held accountable for his actions.

Trump is currently facing multiple civil and criminal cases, including four indictments. He was scheduled to sit for a deposition in the Cohen case on Monday, which coincides with a campaign event in New Hampshire. However, Trump has now voluntarily dismissed the lawsuit. In response to this development, Cohen released a statement calling the case a retaliatory intimidation tactic and suggesting that Trump’s dismissal signaled his attempt to avoid providing truthful testimony.

Cohen has been a significant witness in various legal proceedings involving Trump. Earlier this year, he testified before a grand jury in New York City, which approved a 34-count indictment against Trump. The former president has pleaded not guilty to all charges. Cohen is also listed among the 28 witnesses that the New York Attorney General’s Office intends to call in a civil fraud trial against Trump, his two adult sons, and their family business. This trial commenced recently, and Trump has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

The decision to drop the lawsuit against Cohen comes amid a series of legal challenges that Trump is currently facing. While the lawsuit may be revisited in the future, it remains to be seen how this development will impact the ongoing legal battles involving the former president. Trump’s legal team and Cohen’s team will now shift their focus to other matters, with Cohen expressing his intention to hold Trump accountable for what he deems as an abuse of the legal system.

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