Trump harshly condemns Netanyahu over intelligence failure, indicating further deterioration of their relationship.

Former President Trump Criticizes Netanyahu and Praises Hezbollah

Trump’s Remarks on Netanyahu’s Unpreparedness

Former President Donald Trump recently expressed his disappointment in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claiming that he was caught off-guard by Hamas’ attack. In an interview with Fox News, Trump stated that Israel was not adequately prepared for the conflict. These remarks come at a time when Trump’s Republican rivals are positioning themselves as staunch supporters of Netanyahu.

Trump’s Opinion on Hezbollah

During the same interview, Trump also made favorable comments about the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, referring to them as “very smart” and “vicious.” This stance is in stark contrast to the warnings issued by the US and its allies against escalating the conflict with Hezbollah.

The Strained Relationship between Trump and Netanyahu

Trump’s criticism of Netanyahu represents a significant shift in their previously amicable relationship. While in office, Trump consistently supported Netanyahu. However, their friendship soured when Netanyahu acknowledged Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election. Trump accused Netanyahu of disloyalty and has held animosity towards him ever since.

Trump’s False Claims and Invoking Past Events

During a campaign event, Trump resurfaced his debunked claims of election fraud, suggesting that Hamas’ attack would not have occurred under his presidency. Furthermore, he criticized Netanyahu for not participating in the US government’s strike on top Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. However, at the time, Netanyahu praised the strike as justified.

Trump’s Defense of His Legacy

In a statement, Trump defended his record on supporting Israel, claiming that there was no better friend or ally than him. He emphasized the solidarity between the US and Israel under his leadership and the strides made for peace in the Middle East.

Reactions from Other Republican Contenders

While most Republican contenders have been reluctant to openly criticize Trump, a few seized the opportunity to do so following his remarks. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis called Trump’s comments “absurd” and emphasized the importance of standing with Israel. Former Vice President Mike Pence also pushed back on Trump’s remarks, stating that Hezbollah is “evil” rather than smart.

Israeli Officials Caught Unaware

Although Trump’s comments towards Netanyahu are personal, Israeli officials have admitted to being surprised by the attack from Hamas. Similarly, US officials stated that they did not have any intelligence indicating the specific nature of the attack.

Trump’s Support for Netanyahu during His Presidency

During his time as President, Trump demonstrated strong support for Netanyahu. He ended the Iran nuclear deal, sided with Israel in negotiations with Palestinians, and relocated the US Embassy to Jerusalem. These actions solidified the bond between the US and Israel.

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