US climate cash awarded to Pro-Hamas group

Environmental Budget Controversy Sparks Accusations

The Biden administration has come under fire from Republicans for allegedly diverting millions of dollars earmarked for environmental initiatives to a group known for its anti-Israel stance.

Allocation of Funds

Reports suggest that the Environmental Protection Agency intends to allocate $50 million from a larger fund designated for climate improvement projects to the Climate Justice Alliance.

Accusations of Bias

Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito has raised concerns about the decision, labeling the Climate Justice Alliance as “antisemitic” due to its advocacy for Palestine.

Climate Justice Alliance’s Stance

The Climate Justice Alliance, a coalition representing various communities and organizations in the climate justice movement, openly supports the decolonization of Palestine.

Visit Climate Justice Alliance’s website to learn more.

Call to Action

In a video message on their website, the Climate Justice Alliance urges all supporters of climate justice to join their cause by advocating for a reduction in military aid to Israel.

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