US House Speaker Bid Gains Support from Hardline Republican Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan Gathers Support in Bid for House Speaker

Jim Jordan Gathers Support in Bid for House Speaker

Washington, D.C. – Hardline Republican Jim Jordan is making waves in his campaign to lead the U.S. House of Representatives, as he strategically applies pressure to overcome opposition within his own party. Several of Jordan’s fellow Republicans have expressed their support for his bid for House Speaker, significantly reducing the number of lawmakers who initially voted against endorsing him. Although the outcome of the floor vote remains uncertain, Jordan remains optimistic about his chances.

Building Momentum

“I feel real good about the momentum we have,” Jordan confidently stated during a recent press briefing. “We’re going to elect a speaker tomorrow.” Jordan’s relentless efforts to consolidate support have gained traction, giving him a fighting chance to secure the position.

A Divided Party

The internal strife within House Republicans has caused a political civil war, hindering progress on funding federal agencies and providing assistance to key allies. Unlike typical partisan disagreements, this conflict is characterized by Republican infighting and has consumed valuable time that could have been spent addressing urgent matters.

Uniting Republicans with Common Goals

Recognizing the need to bridge the divisions within his party, Jordan wrote a letter to Republicans emphasizing the importance of unity. He acknowledged the differences but emphasized that the principles that unite Republicans are greater than the disagreements that divide them. Jordan also pledged to prioritize military and spending legislation, appealing to Republicans who may have reservations about his candidacy.

Supporters Rally Behind Jordan

Many Republican lawmakers who had previously opposed Jordan have now publicly expressed their support for him. Representative Vern Buchanan, for example, affirmed his backing, stating, “The future and immediate well-being and security of our country is too important, and the need for Republicans to move forward united is greater than ever.” While the exact number of Republicans who still oppose Jordan remains unknown, it appears that his support base is steadily growing.

Navigating the Numbers Game

With Republicans holding a slim majority in the House, Jordan must secure the support of at least 217 lawmakers to win the speaker election. Losing just four Republican votes could jeopardize his chances if all Democrats oppose him. To counter this, Jordan’s supporters are actively encouraging voters to directly contact lawmakers in an effort to influence their stance.

The Trump Factor

Jordan’s endorsement by former President Donald Trump is seen as a potential game-changer. Supporters believe that this endorsement will undermine opposition during the series of recorded public floor votes. The outcome will reveal whether establishment and centrist Republicans opposing Jordan remain steadfast in their resistance or if they succumb to the influence of Trump’s endorsement.

A History of Discord

Jordan’s bid for speaker is not without its challenges. As the co-founder of the ultraconservative House Freedom Caucus, he is viewed with skepticism by centrist Republicans who remember his confrontational approach. Despite recent alignment with former Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Jordan’s past reputation as one of the chamber’s “legislative terrorists” continues to haunt him.

Contingencies and Alternatives

Should Jordan fail to secure the speakership, other Republican candidates may enter the race. Possibilities include No. 3 House Republican Tom Emmer, conservative Representatives Kevin Hern and Byron Donalds, as well as acting Speaker Patrick McHenry. The ultimate outcome will shape the future of the Republican Party and the leadership of the House.

Reporting by David Morgan and Makini Brice, additional reporting by Moira Warburton, Susan Heavey and Katharine Jackson; writing by Andy Sullivan; Editing by Scott Malone, Deepa Babington, Grant McCool and Nick Zieminski

Source: Reuters

Author: Makini Brice

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