US House Speaker: Meet the Republican Candidates

Reimagining the 2022 Speaker Election

Reimagining the 2022 Speaker Election

A New Challenge for Mr Emmer

As the race for the next Speaker of the House intensifies, Congressman Tom Emmer finds himself facing some hurdles on his path to victory. While he has gained support from various factions within the Republican Party, he may encounter difficulties garnering votes from right-wing Republicans and allies of former President Donald Trump.

A Sore Point for Some

Critics of Emmer point to his vote in favor of certifying the results of the 2020 election in Joe Biden’s favor as a sticking point. This move did not sit well with certain Republicans, particularly those aligned with the beliefs and policies of the former president.

A Divide Among Candidates

In a telling display of this division, out of the nine Republican candidates vying for the Speaker position, only two chose to certify the election results for Biden. This decision may potentially impact Emmer’s ability to secure widespread support within his own party.

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