Virginia Creates Strategy for Grant Funding Aimed at Reducing Climate Pollution

Virginia’s Efforts to Reduce Methane Emissions

Virginia’s Efforts to Reduce Methane Emissions

In the last two decades, Virginia has managed to reduce its methane emissions by 58.7%. (Adobe Stock)

Climate Pollution Reduction Grants

Virginia is currently exploring the best ways to utilize its Climate Pollution Reduction Grants, which were awarded to several states through funds allocated in the Inflation Reduction Act. This grant provides an opportunity for Virginia to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and combat climate change.

Virginia’s Grant Allocation

The Environmental Protection Agency has granted Virginia $4 million to develop a plan aimed at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions. This funding will support the state’s efforts to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future.

The Priority Climate Action Plan

Tom Ballou, air quality planning manager with the Department of Environmental Quality, emphasizes the importance of creating a priority climate action plan (PCAP). This plan will be submitted to the EPA by next March and will identify near-term projects that can be implemented to efficiently reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.

Focus on Methane Emissions

Over the next four years, Virginia will utilize the grant funding to address various projects, with a particular focus on methane emissions from landfills. By implementing innovative solutions, the state aims to reduce methane emissions and mitigate their impact on climate change.

The Smith Gap Landfill Project

An example of Virginia’s commitment to reducing methane emissions is the Smith Gap Landfill project in Salem. The plan for this landfill involves repurposing methane emissions into renewable natural gas, with the aim of making the facility operational by 2025.

Planning for a Sustainable Future

As Virginia prepares to exit the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) by the end of the year, the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant plan will play a vital role in filling the void. The state will consider its emissions, evaluate existing programs, and determine additional measures needed to achieve its climate goals of an 80% reduction by 2045 or reaching net-zero emissions by the same year.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act

The plan developed through this grant will align with the Virginia Clean Economy Act, which sets a goal for Dominion Energy to use 100% renewable electricity by 2045. The grant plan will hold Dominion Energy accountable, particularly as the company plans to construct a new gas-powered plant in 2027.

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