Virginia declares Lake Anna bacteria levels safe; Cause of E.coli outbreak remains unknown

Welcome to Lake Anna: A Safe Swimming Destination

Water Quality Assurance

Virginia public health officials recently announced that Lake Anna meets safety benchmarks for swimming. Despite the concern over E. coli infections among visitors, test results have shown that fecal bacteria concentrations are well below public health levels of concern.

Possible Sources of Contamination

Environmental pollutants from various sources such as heavy rains, livestock, failing septic systems, boating discharge, and swimmers can contribute to waterborne illnesses. Officials caution against swimming in areas where livestock are present to avoid potential risks.

Recent Outbreak Details

At least 25 individuals, mostly minors, were diagnosed with E. coli infections after visiting Lake Anna. Five children were hospitalized with severe complications. The source of the outbreak remains unknown, leaving parents like Judy Inglett seeking accountability.

Understanding E. coli Infections

E. coli infections commonly spread through contaminated water or food. Symptoms may include stomach cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and chills. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide detailed information on this type of infection.

Health Precautions

The health department advises maintaining safety precautions when swimming in open waters. It is essential to avoid drinking untreated water, swimming with open wounds, and practicing good hygiene habits such as frequent handwashing.

Ongoing Investigation

The health department has established a website to provide updates on the outbreak and guidelines for health-care providers. Testing is recommended for individuals experiencing symptoms after visiting Lake Anna on or after Memorial Day.

Lake Anna’s Recreational Environment

Lake Anna State Park offers a vast reservoir with miles of shoreline for public recreation. The reservoir, created in the 1970s, serves as a cooling pond for the North Anna Power Station and is a popular destination for visitors.

Environmental Concerns

While harmful algae blooms have been associated with Lake Anna in the past, current activity levels are normal for this time of year and do not correlate with the recent E. coli infections. Additional testing and monitoring are ongoing to ensure water quality.


Although recent E. coli infections have raised concerns, Lake Anna remains a safe destination for swimming and recreational activities. By following recommended safety measures and staying informed about water quality, visitors can continue to enjoy the natural beauty of this popular spot.

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