What Would Have Happened if the Attack on the U.S. Capitol Succeeded?

Alternate Histories: A Look into the Comic Mini-Series 1/6: The Graphic Novel

Alternate Histories: A Look into the Comic Mini-Series 1/6: The Graphic Novel


Step into a world where history takes a detour and democracy hangs by a thread. Marvel at the power of imagination as you delve into the comic mini-series 1/6: The Graphic Novel. This gripping tale, crafted by writers Alan Jenkins and Gan Golan, with art by Will Rosado, invites you to peer through the looking glass of January 6th, 2021. In a reality where the insurrectionists triumphed, the United States succumbs to authoritarian rule, guns enforce the law, and the news is controlled by an extreme right-wing government. The casualties of that fateful day are falsely attributed to the Black Lives Matter movement.

An Ominous Warning

Caution: This book delves into themes of misinformation, white supremacy, and hate. It serves as a wake-up call, reminding us of the thin line between a functioning society and a dysfunctional one. Prepare yourself for a chilling glimpse into a world that almost was, and discover the steps we must take to prevent it.

An Insightful Conversation with the Creators

Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with writer Alan Jenkins and artist Will Rosado at a signing event for 1/6 at Anyone Comics in Brooklyn, NY. We explored the motivation behind this groundbreaking comic book and the important messages it aims to convey.

Unveiling the Purpose

Alan Jenkins, a law professor, and a passionate comic book enthusiast, shared his profound concern for democracy in the aftermath of the January 6th insurrection. Determined to ring the alarm bells and mobilize people to action, he recognized the power of comics to reach a wide audience. Teaming up with New York Times bestselling graphic novelist Gan Golan and the talented artist Will Rosado, the project was set in motion.

Exploring Alternate Histories

The concept of exploring alternate histories has always fascinated audiences. When discussing the significant divergences highlighted in 1/6, Jenkins emphasized the critical question the comic seeks to answer: What if the insurrection had succeeded? As one closely examines the events leading up to January 6th, it becomes apparent how perilously close we were to losing our democracy. In the comic, a simple change in direction by the mob alters the course of history. Had President Trump chosen to deputize extremist groups and declare martial law, the consequences would have been dire. The threats of authoritarianism, anti-Semitism, and white supremacy that fueled the insurrection still loom large. With 150 election deniers in Congress and individuals like Jim Jordan actively undermining our democracy, the story presented in 1/6 is uncomfortably close to reality.

A Ray of Hope

Amidst the darkness, 1/6 offers a glimmer of hope. The resistance against the new authoritarian regime is led by People of Color, shedding light on the unsung heroes who have fought for justice throughout history. Will Rosado, when presented with the idea for the book, recognized the weighty premise and the importance of addressing what could have unfolded had Officer Goodman not intervened.

The Creative Journey

The collaboration between Jenkins, Golan, and Rosado began with an email that piqued the artist’s interest. Recognizing Jenkins’ credibility as a law professor and his association with Golan, known for his work on the book “Unemployed Man,” Rosado was intrigued. Initial conversations via Zoom further solidified his commitment to the project. The red pill, a symbol from “The Matrix,” became a metaphor for confronting the truth of what happened and what could have transpired.

An Expanding Series

1/6 is a mini-series, with Book One already available to readers. Book Two is set to be released in a matter of weeks, and the eagerly anticipated finale, Book Three, will coincide with the anniversary of January 6th.

Meticulous Research

Creating an authentic depiction of the events required extensive research. Jenkins and his team conducted interviews with journalists, experts, and eyewitnesses of January 6th. They delved into the realms of authoritarianism, hate groups, disinformation, and other threats to democracy. The House Select Committee Report on January 6th and various court documents were consulted. With the assistance of research assistants, the team meticulously reconstructed the events leading up to the insurrection.

The Art of Choosing Historical Turning Points

Delving into the creative process, Jenkins revealed that they compiled a wealth of notes before selecting the most impactful historical moments to portray. Their focus was on key junctures where a slight change could have spelled victory for the insurrectionists. Throughout this process, Rosado played a crucial role in identifying areas where excessive detail could bog down the narrative, ensuring a balanced and engaging storyline.

A Powerful Tale of Vigilance

In the end, the goal of 1/6 is to captivate readers with a chilling yet entertaining story. It serves as a stark reminder of how close we came to the brink of losing our democracy and the vigilance required to safeguard it. Join the characters on their gripping journey as they navigate a world that teeters on the edge.

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