Wisconsin Capitol Revisited by Man Carrying Assault Rifle, Seeking Governor’s Audience, Shortly after Prior Arrest, State Officials Report

Man brings firearm to Wisconsin Capitol, demands to see governor

Man brings firearm to Wisconsin Capitol, demands to see governor

Arrest and Return

A man was arrested on Wednesday after bringing a handgun to the Wisconsin Capitol and expressing his desire to meet Gov. Tony Evers. However, he returned that same night with an assault rifle after posting bail and once again requested to see the governor. State officials confirmed the incidents.

First Incident

Upon approaching the security desk outside the governor’s office at around 2 p.m., the man, identified as Joshua Pleasnick, was shirtless and equipped with a holstered handgun and a leashed dog. He made it clear that he would not leave until he had the chance to speak with the governor, who is a Democrat. Despite being informed that open carrying of firearms in the Capitol is illegal, Pleasnick refused to comply with the order.


As a result, Pleasnick was taken into custody on suspicion of openly carrying a firearm in the Capitol. During his interview, he expressed his intention to continue visiting the Capitol until he had the opportunity to discuss domestic abuse towards men with the governor. The gun was confiscated as evidence, and the dog was handed over to the City of Madison Animal Control. Pleasnick later posted bail and was released.

Second Incident

Shortly before 9 p.m., Pleasnick returned to the Capitol, this time armed with an AK-47-style rifle. Once again, he demanded to meet with Governor Evers. Capitol and Madison police engaged in dialogue with him. A search of his backpack revealed an illegal collapsible police-style baton, leading to his arrest on grounds of not having a valid concealed carry permit.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Prior to midnight, the officers took Pleasnick into custody for psychiatric evaluation due to a concerning statement he made. The rifle was confiscated by Capitol police. Britt Cudaback, a spokesperson for the governor’s office, declined to comment on the matter.

Threats and Security

While the nature of Pleasnick’s comments on Wednesday has not been disclosed, Governor Evers, like many public officials, has been the target of violent threats in the past. Enhancements to Capitol security policies are under consideration, although specifics have not been discussed. It is worth noting that in June, a Wisconsin man was sentenced to prison for transmitting threatening communication about the governor, and another individual had considered Evers as a potential target.

Governor’s Response

Governor Evers assured reporters that he was doing well and commended the police departments for their diligent work. When asked about potential security policy improvements, Evers expressed confidence that authorities were already evaluating the situation.

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