After Hurricane Beryl Hits the Caribbean: A Look at the Damage Through Photos – The Washington Post

Tracking Hurricane Beryl’s Impact

As Hurricane Beryl swept through the Caribbean, it left a trail of destruction in its wake. The aftermath of the storm’s landfall can be seen in photos captured by The Washington Post.

Path of Destruction

The storm, known as Hurricane Beryl, continued its path towards Jamaica, as reported by The powerful storm aimed its sights on Jamaica after striking Grenada, causing significant damage along its way.

Projected Path

Tracking the hurricane’s movement is essential to understanding its impact. USA TODAY provides a tracker map showing the projected path as the storm made landfall, highlighting the areas most at risk.

Continuing Impact

Hurricane Beryl’s journey across the Caribbean has been relentless, with updates on its category 4 status being continuously monitored. Stay informed with the latest developments from WESH 2 Orlando as the storm continues to impact the region.

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