American tourist discovered deceased on Greek island

Tragic Deaths and Disappearances in Greece Amidst Record Heatwave

Amidst a scorching heatwave gripping Greece, the body of an American tourist has been discovered on the picturesque Mathraki island, contributing to a growing list of missing or deceased foreigners.

Recent Incidents

Tragically, a Dutchman was also found lifeless on Samos, while British TV presenter Dr. Michael Mosley met a similar fate on Symi.

Missing Persons

Among the reported missing individuals is Albert Calibet, an American, adding to the concerns surrounding the safety of tourists in Greece.

Official Statements

The US State Department has been approached for comments on these distressing incidents, seeking clarity amidst the growing unease.

Details of the Incident

The deceased American tourist, a 55-year-old man, was last seen in a bar on Mathraki before his body was discovered on a desolate beach, prompting investigations and an autopsy in a hospital on Corfu.

Unprecedented Heatwave

Greece is currently experiencing its earliest and most intense heatwave on record, resulting in school closures and the shutdown of major tourist attractions due to extreme temperatures influenced by winds from North Africa.

Ongoing Searches

Efforts continue to locate Albert Calibet, a retired police officer from California, and two French women on different islands, underscoring the urgency and gravity of the situation.

Past Tragedies

Earlier this month, the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Mosley highlighted the dangers present on Greek islands, with his unfortunate demise attributed to natural causes.

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