AP says GOP primary in Virginia’s 5th District too close to call between Good and McGuire

The Republican Primary Race in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District

Neck-and-Neck Race

The Republican primary race between House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good and state Sen. John J. McGuire III in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District remains too close to call. The Associated Press declared this on Monday, nearly a week after voters went to the polls.

Canvassing Results

Local elections officials in the deep-red central Virginia district have been wrapping up their canvass of the results of the June 18 primary. The results show McGuire and Good neck and neck, with McGuire currently leading by just 373 votes. The next step is state certification before an expected recount can proceed.

Heated Contest

The contest between the two ultraconservatives was fierce, with former president Donald Trump and establishment forces backing McGuire to oust the hard-right incumbent. While McGuire declared victory soon after polls closed on June 18, Good raised concerns about the election’s integrity.

Recount Process

The state law allows a recount if the margin of victory is less than 1 percent of total votes cast. The margin here stands at 0.59 percent, with McGuire leading by 373 votes out of 62,741. The recount will commence once the state certifies the results.

Claiming Victory

McGuire reaffirmed his victory in a statement issued before 5:30 p.m. Monday. Former president Trump also endorsed McGuire on Truth Social, declaring him the winner.

Good’s Concerns

Good, on the other hand, expressed concerns about the election process, citing issues like fire alarms at polling places and a drop box left unattended after the election. He is seeking donations for the recount effort.

Political Background

Good, known for his unyielding conservatism, faced a challenge from McGuire after endorsing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis for president. Trump endorsed McGuire due to this move, leading to a contentious primary race.

Crosscurrents in the Race

The race saw unusual alliances, with Trump, McCarthy, and other establishment forces united in wanting to remove Good. Despite this, Good’s strong ground game and support from grassroots volunteers kept him competitive.

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