Appeals court affirms sentence in January 6 case despite allegations of jury bias

Former NYPD Officer Conviction Upheld for Capitol Riot Assault

A federal appeals court in Washington has upheld the conviction of Thomas Webster, a former New York City Police Department officer, for assaulting a police officer during the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot. Webster had argued for a change of venue, citing concerns about political bias in the jury pool.

Court Ruling on Political Bias Claims

Despite Webster’s claims that the District of Columbia jury pool was politically biased, a three-judge panel from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit dismissed his arguments. The panel, consisting of Judges appointed by both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, found no evidence of bias in the jury pool.

According to ABC News, the ruling emphasized that the political inclinations of the population do not affect individual jurors’ ability to impartially decide a case. The judges noted that the jury pool’s general disapproval of criminal conduct does not indicate bias towards specific defendants.

Details of Webster’s Actions

Webster, who was among the Trump supporters at the rally outside the White House on January 6, engaged in an altercation with a police officer outside the Capitol. He pushed the officer to the ground and pushed his gas mask into his face, leading to his assault conviction.

Outcome and Sentence

Along with upholding Webster’s conviction, the court affirmed his 10-year prison sentence, one of the longest among Capitol riot cases. Webster was the first defendant to be tried for assault and to present a self-defense argument in connection to the events of January 6.

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